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Canadian National Transportation Ltd. v. Alberta Provincial Court, [1986] 2 S.C.R. 711


Canadian National Transportation Limited and Canadian National Railway Company   Appellants




The Provincial Court of Alberta and the Attorney General of Canada         Respondents


indexed as: canadian national transportation ltd. v. alberta provincial court


File No.: 19532.


1986: December 18.


Present: Beetz, Estey, McIntyre, Chouinard, Wilson, Le Dain and La Forest JJ.



on appeal from the court of appeal for alberta


                   Courts ‑‑ Jurisdiction ‑‑ No jurisdictional error shown.


                   APPEALS from a judgment of the Alberta Court of Appeal (1985), 39 Alta. L.R. (2d) 299, 60 A.R. 380, allowing respondents' appeal from a judgment of McFadyen J. (1984), 55 A.R. 229, granting an application for prohibition. Appeals dismissed.


                   Russel W. Lusk and Patrick G. Foy, for the appellants.


                   D. A. McGillivray  and  A. S. Rudakoff, for the respondent the Attorney General of Canada.


                   The judgment of the Court was delivered orally by


1.                Beetz J.‑‑We are all of the view that no jurisdictional error has been shown. The appeals are dismissed.


Judgment accordingly.


                   Solicitors for the appellants: Ladner Downs, Vancouver.


                   Solicitors for the respondent the Attorney General of Canada: MacLeod Dixon, Calgary.


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